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Hi there!!
You have reached wats_blue's Livejournal.

As you can see it's friends only, but don't let that stop you. Just leave a message on my friends-only post and add me, and I'll add you back. I normally add anyone that asks anyway.

A little about myself:
First off, I'm from New Zealand and I'm Chinese. I have recently graduated from the University of Otago, with a Bachelor in Pharmacy! In 2009 - my plan is to registered with the Pharmacy council in NZ. The future is unknown right now, but I would love to move to Japan and teach English there for a couple of years (that is my goal right now)

Most of my friends say I'm obsessed with Japan, which is true...especially the music and fashion. I can't get enough of my favourite band - The GazettE. Whenever I can I will rant about them, especially here (^_^), but I talk about other stuff too.

btw...wats_blue loves Uruha...hence all the pictures of him...

My other interests are listed below (in the interest section)

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